Route 91 Harvest Festival


Created while working at ST8MNT, Route 91 Harvest Festival is a yearly country music festival put on by Live Nation in Las Vegas. They tasked us with creating a scalable, responsive website which communicated the festival's brand, while at the same time communicating all things Vegas.


Responsive Site

PowerNation TV, formerly known as PowerBlock TV, is a custom muscle car and truck DIY television series. The have 4 weekly shows which showcase car builds and upgrades, and parts from well known manufacturers across the automotive industry. Their programs reach a combined 245 million homes, airing on NBC Sports Network, Spike TV and CBS Sports Network. This site needed to be fully responsive, and capable of serving up thousands of hours of on demand episodes. Load times and performance were critical to this site build.

ETSU Arts Initiative

Responsive Site

The ETSU Arts Initiative is a communtiy movement at East Tennessee State University to realize a 30 year dream of funding and building a community performing arts center for Johnson City and the surrounding areas. I am proud to say that the key art, branding, and website we created while I was at ST8MNT, INC won a Gold Addy Award.

FarmBorough Festival


While working at ST8MNT, Live Nation asked us to build a site for New York City's biggest country music festival, hosted at Randall's Island. They needed a site which could be easily updated, had potential for scalability, and was mobile responsive. We took up the challenge and using some pre-existing branding elements, really made this site sing (pun intended).

The Beauty of Broken

Responsive Site

A marketing one page responsive site for the book by Elisa Morgan. This page is a general who, what, when, and where to buy site. The key was reflecting the key art of the cover in a way which made sense for the web.

The Trouble With Paris

Book Cover

The Trouble With Paris is a companion book to a video series of the same name by Mark Sayers. The theme is how to find Jesus in a consumer driven modern world. Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, this cover needed to appeal to twenty somethings, and reference consumer overload while also focusing on Jesus himself.

Angel Eyes


A marketing poster for a fiction title published by Thomas Nelson of the same name. This poster needed to feel dark, mysterious, and appeal to the tween crowd.

From Blah to Awe

Print Ad

Print ad for a title published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This book is targeted to teenagers, and needed to be bold, type driven and engaging.

Gaither Homecoming Bible

Publishing Proposal

Bill and Gloria Gaither have been at the forefront of Gospel music for decades. When they decided to create the Homecoming Bible with Thomas Nelson Publishers, we jumped at the opportunity to take a stab at the cover designs. This cover unfortunately did not get chosen, but I loved it so much I thought it was worth making it into my portfolio.

Identity Crisis Design


Identity Crisis Design was the freelance business of me and my great friend Mike Borum while we both lived in Atlanta. This is a promo poster we did as a form of self branding.

The Gosepl According to Lost

Book Cover

If you ever watched the TV show Lost, you know that it is complicated, with many levels. The same can be said of Jesus Christ. This book attempts to parallel the two and tie the theories and concepts of the show into a spiritual manner. Written by Chris Seay, the book was met with high praise. As a fan of the show, it was a real treat to design this cover.